Car accident on Ijevan-Nojemberyan roadway

00:25 / 09.10.2014

09.10.2014 at 01.01 information was received that on Ijevan-Nojemberyan roadway near the “ Asfalt” factory there occurred a runover on a pedestrian who died in the consequence of the accident. Help of rescuers is needed to take the dead body to the ambulance car.
One firefighting brigade was sent to the scene.
It turned out that on the 6th km of Ijevan-Noyemberyan roadway “УАЗ” car with local numbers 34ZF226 (driver: H. B., born in 1982) ran over H. A. (born in 1957), who died because of injuries. After the accident the car went off the road and turned over.
Firefighter-rescuers took the dead body to the ambulance car, turned off the electricity and gas valve of the car .
At a near 30 m distance the “Opel” car of the died person was found.

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