RTA on Talin-Yerevan roadway

16:48 / 11.03.2014

11.03.2014 at 16.23 the signal was sent that RTA occurred near the restaurant “Narek” in 2km of Talin-Yerevan roadway.

The help of rescuers is needed.

The fire brigade left for the scene.

Turned out that collided auto cars “VAZ-2106” with license plate 61 SO 606 driver A.T. and “Volkswagen” with license plate 77 QQ 057 driver G.H..

In result of RTA the passenger of “VAZ-2106” S.G. died directly and another passenger born in 1957 R.KH. and the driver born in 1987 A.T. was hospitalized to the medical center of Talin where A.T. died.

Firefighter-rescuers brought out the crashed auto cars from the traffic part of the road and implemented road cleaning works.

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