Car accident in Gyumri city

13:45 / 22.02.2014

22.02.2014 at 13.38 information was received that in Sakharov square, Gyumri city, Shirak region a car accident had occurred, there were affected and the help of rescuers was needed.
One firefighting brigade was sent to the scene.
It turned out that “ VAZ-24” car with local numbers 02 SO 586 had crashed into “Mersedes-320” with local numbers 77 AA 117 and “Mersedes-190” with local numbers 33 ՍD 187.
Before the arrival of the rescuers the driver of “ VAZ-24” A.G. (born in 1962) was brought out of the car by local efforts and was hospitalized to the medical center of Gyumri city.
According to doctors the health state of the injured is critical.
Firefighter-rescuers stopped the gas leak.

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