RTA in Hakhtanak block

20:54 / 24.01.2014

24.01.2014 at 20.45 an emergency call has been received that there is a car accident with fire in Hakhtanak block .
A firefighting brigade has departed to the place of scene.
Fire was isolated at 21.05, extinguished at 21.10.
 It is cleared up that the car <> with local numbers 35 VO 767 collided to the car <> with local numbers 78 UU 078, as a result the first car burnt totally.
Till the fire-rescuers reaching to the place of scene the passengers of the first car G.Q. ( born in 1990), N.A. (born in 1990), R. S. (born in 1990) were hospitalized to the Scientific Center for Radiation Medicine and Burns.
Doctors assessed the health situation of N.A. as satisfactory, and of G.Q. and R.S. as heavy.

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