Fire in a flat

04:15 / 19.01.2014

19.01.2014 at 04.04 an emergency call was received that fire broke out in one of the flats of 8/2 th house, Artsakh street, Yerevan . Three firefighting brigades, response and operative groups of CMC, an autoladder and water-supplier were sent to the scene. Living-room of the flat completely and partly the entrance (30 sq.m) got burnt. Fire was isolated at 04.48 and extinguished at 05.00. The owner of the flat had differnet burns and he was hospitalized to “Republican Scientific Center for Radiation Medicine and Burns”. Accodring to doctors his health state is severe. Other residents of the flat (born in 2008 and 1998)were hospitalized to “Muratsan” pediatric hospital where getting necessary aid were discharged. 

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