National Center Technical Security


1. The organization and realization of technical security maintenance functions in the industrially dangerous objects exploited, prepared for the exploitation, stabilated, disassembled in the area of the Republic of Armenia are the main purpose of the activity of the center, ith the exception of reprocessing of nuclear and energetic stations, radioactive materials, water systems, aviation, automobile and railway transports, as well as military objects.

2. The authorizations of the center are as follows.

1) the development of technical rules of procedure determining technical security requirements;
2) the development of educational-methodological programs, the organization of qualification of the specialists, experts, engineers and technicians in the economy and specialist personnel.
3) the participation to intergovernmental programs and development and realization of technical projects, the holding of scientific-research works in his jurisdictional limits;
4) the development of new scientific lines, experiments in the field of technical security;
5) the provision with the issues on technical security, as well as with mass media means to the public administration and local self-governing authorities of the Republic of Armenia, organizations, citizens;
6) other authorizations anticipated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia;

3. The center realizes its functions:

1) In manufactures or separate areas, workshops, production sites, storehouses, setting stations, technological equipments or in any other object, where
a) dangerous materials with the following features that are produced, reprocessed, kept, transferred, used or gained in the measures exceeding the quantities determined by the government of the Republic of Armenia:
Easily inflammable materials, which in gaseous state, in the conditions of normal pressure become inflammable when are mixed with air, and in case of normal pressure their boiling degree is equal to 20oC or less;
Oxidized materials, which support to combustion, fire producing or contribute to the break out of other materials as a result of oxide-reducing exoergic reaction;
Burning materials, liquids, gases, powders having spontaneous ignition features, can also ignite from the source of fire;
Highly explosive materials, which can blast under the influence of flame or display more sensibility with respect to shaking and contact, than the double nitrabenzol;
Poisonous materials, which cause disease or death reflecting on the living organisms;
Materials dangerous for the environment, which acquire acute poisonous properties in water environment;

b) equipments working under the pressure of 0,07 and more megapascal, thermo stations working under up to 115oC (60 kWt and more power) and more than 115oC of water are applied;
c) mining, pit blasting, useful minerals ore concentration works are realized;
d) tunnel construction or any other works in underground conditions are realized;
e) metal smelting is acquired;
2) in escalators, rope ways, merry-go-rounds, cable railways, cranes, crane equipments and mechanisms with one tone and more tonnage;
3) in elevators, located in public buildings, including industrial buildings, block of flats, other places determined for general usage with the exception of elevators with 250 kg. and less tonnage;
4) in petrochemical products, liquid gas, natural (squeezed) gas, fixed and movable fuelling stations , gas-cylinder vessel equipments, in an objects using gas for technological purposes, gas storehouses;
5) water swimming means with the exception of water bicycles and boats with no engine, including inflatable;

4. The following entrepreneurial activity types are realized by the center:

1) rendering of scientific-technical, experimental, consulting services, diagnostics, experimentation and examination in the field of technical security;
2) realization of training courses in the fields connected with the technical security;
3) realization of technical security and fire-prevention experimentation and provision of appropriate expert opinion;

5. The center may be involved in the activities subject to licensing on the basis of appropriate license.

6. The profit gained from the entrepreneurial activity of the center is used for realization of the aims anticipated by charter of the center.