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Regional rapid response teams(RRRT) for a streng thened decentralized rescue system in Armenia

12:33 / 12.03.2016



Country:  Armenia

Duration: March 2015 - September 2016

Budget:   CHF 815‘000

Project partners: The project is directly implemented by SDC in collaboration with

   Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations (MTAES)

   Armenian Rescue Service (ARS) under MTAES

   Crisis Management Academy (CMA) under MTAES

   Crisis Management Centers (CMC) under ARS



The project‘s overall goal is to save lives and to reduce economic losses as a consequence of disasters. This will be achieved through strengthening the decentralized response system and improving capacities of the responsible national government institutions.


The phase II of the project focuses on establishment of additional regional rescue teams in order to enlarge the geography of available rescue capacities.

Furthermore, the Crisis Management Academy will be enabled to offer and ensure continuous knowledge transfer to rescue teams to keep the teams’ skills on a high level.


Armenia is very prone to natural disasters, such as landslides, floods, avalanches and sometimes man-made disasters, and especially to earthquakes (e.g. Spitak 1988), causing huge human and economic losses. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) started its activities in the aftermath of this earthquake and since 2004 has been supporting the Armenian Rescue  Services in improving the local and central preparedness system.

During 2004-2014, SDC assisted  the country in building up a decentralized and complete rescue system through implementation of the „Ardzagank“ and „Medical Units“ projects. Based on positive results achieved and productive cooperation with the government, SDC supported further improvement of the rescue system following international standards by creating, training and equipping three Regional Rapid Response Teams in Yerevan, Shirak, and Syunik regions. During the Phase I of the project a total of 141 staff have been prepared for deployments that require advanced capacities to autonomously operate in complex situations.


  Building-up two additional Regional Rapid Response Teams with 94 multi-profile members  in Lori and Tavush regions in accordance with international requirements


  Multi-level rescue training of teams in accordance with International Search and Rescue Advisory Group Guidelines


  Provision and storage of rescue equipment to two Regional Rapid Response Teams and the Crisis Management Academy


  Improvement of deployment and coordination procedures for Regional Rapid Response Teams


  Strengthening capacities of the Crisis Management Academy to ensure continuous training of the Regional Rapid Response Teams


  Strengthening the links between the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations and the International  Search and Rescue  Advisory Group  




   Two additional Regional Rapid Response Teams are integrated into the existing response plans and able to adequately respond to disasters on national and regional levels coordinated by the central and regional governmental offices, respectively.

   A high-quality system for continuous training of Regional Rapid Response Team members is operational.




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