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“Prevention, preparedness and response of human-made and natural disasters (Eastern region)”Programme (PPRD) in the framework of a tool of EU European neighborhood and cooperation

17:08 / 19.06.2015

Beginning in January 2011
Ending in December 2014

Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Belorussia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan are involved in the project.
Total value of project costs 6 million euro.

Proposes of the programme are:

1. To contribute to the development of the Partner Countries' civil protection capacities for disaster prevention, preparedness and response
2. To bring the Partner Countries progressively closer to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and improve cooperation among themselves.

5 results are foreseen from the project:

1. Better knowledge of risk exposure and available resources for enhanced preparedness and response
capacities in the region (through creation of the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas)
2. Enhanced legislative, administrative and operational civil protection capacities of the Partner Countries in the field of prevention, preparedness and response
3. Improved information, awareness and participation of stakeholders regarding disaster prevention, prevention and response.
4. Partner Countries are well informed about the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and able to effectively collaborate with the Mechanism participating states in responding to disasters, including through close cooperation with the MIC via the established contact points.
5. Needs for a possible further development of cooperation with Eastern partners following
the end of the Programme (Phase II) are identified.

In the framework of project implementation, international steering committee (S. Azaryan, ARS director of MES of RA has been appointed as a member from Republic of Armenia) and national advisory group (with the involvement of interested representatives of ministries and state bodies of RA) have been formed. H. Yemishyan has been appointed as a head of department of MES' ARS of RA.

In the framework of project the following activities have been implemented:

- Meeting between Minister of Emergency Situations of RA, A. Yeritsyan and EU experts' group to discuss prօgramme process and objectives;
- the first meeting of steering committee and national coordinators in Brussels (9-10.06.2011);
- prօgramme presentation with “Mechanisms of EU population protection’ introduction” title in CMA of MES of RA;
- regional conferences, workshops and seminars in Tbilisi (8-9.11.2011), in Kiev (5-12.12.2011), in Warshava (7-9.02.2012), in cherkasia (26-28.11.2012), in Madrid (10-14.12.2012);
- establishment of direct connection between CMC of MES of RA, EU CP mechanisms’ monitoring and informational center (20.04.2012);
- the first meeting between national advisory group and international experts in Tsaghkadzor (4-5.10.2012);
- prօgramme implementation monitoring by EU independent expert in Yerevan (11-14.12.2012);
- second meeting of steering committee and national coordinators in Brussels (20-21.02.2013).

PPRD East Programme Fact Sheet

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