Accreditation and licensing agency

The main functions

Accreditation and licensing agency in the Head of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations is a separate unit, which provides services in the functions assigned to it in the cases provided by law and by RA legislation and acts on behalf of Republic of Armenia. The agency has two business units - accreditation and licensing.

To meet its goals and objectives, the agency in accordance with legislation:

- maintains the register of industrial and hazardous facilities;
- registers industrial accidents, accidents with fatal or severe outcome;
- provides functions related to the licensing of explosives, explosive trade equipment, blasting, as well as extension of the period of validity, renewal, cancellation and suspension of activities;
- makes proposals for improvement of the regulatory requirements for licensing;
- executes documents in the licensing process, including the receipt of applications and other documents required for licensing, registration and entry;
- records and analyses the information on licensed entities;
- receives reports for the licensing authority in the manner prescribed by law;
- maintains the register of rescue parties obtains and processes information necessary for this purpose in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Armenia;
- records the documentation and analyses the technical safety of hazardous production facilities, on the basis of which prepares summary report and presents it to the Ministry;
-In the manner prescribed in Article 14 of the Law "On State Regulation of technical safety" of RA, receives, reviews and provides information to the Ministry regarding persons operating in hazardous production facilities.